Nov 2016 Net Worth Update: $69,649

Net worth update – November Surprise! 

I started this month worried about the looming uncertainties of the stock market during the US election month, but to my surprise, was my best month to date!

Also, in November, I implemented my new $1,550 budget. Click on Budget Update: Nov 2016 to see how I did on my even tighter November budget.

Now unto the numbers!

ASSETS: $91,825 (­↑)

  • Cash ($1149) This is basically my emergency funds plus any left-over cash from my budget. I didn’t have any emergencies this month plus I had some left-over money, hence the increase.
  • Car ($14,230) – To my surprise, my KBB estimates for my car dropped $400 in one month, yikes! On a different note, I hit and more importantly, captured a milestone, 30,000 miles on my corolla.


  • Investments ($76,445) – Unlike October, this was a better month for the stock market, despite the uncertainties. The contribution to my 403B + employer match was the usual $630 and the rest of the increase was stock market growth.

Overall, my assets increased by $3, 519.5 or 3.99% – Sweet!

LIABILITIES: $22,175 (↓)

  • Student Loans ($-22,175) – My goal is to pay about $4000 every month to my student loans but this month, I only paid about $3,650. Part of that money went towards paying my car insurance, which I pay every six months. Nonetheless, I am still on track to fully paying them off before my debt free date of June 2017.

My liability decreased by $3514 or 13.68% – Awesome!

NET WORTH: $69, 649 (↑­)

My net worth increased by $7,033 or 11.23%, making November a very good month. This means I may be on track to achieving my short-term goal of a net worth of $75,000 by December 31, 2016, fingers crossed!


What was your cash flow in November 2016? Please share in the comments section below!

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