Sept 2016 Net Worth Update: $60,483.10

This is my first net worth update!
I didn’t include starting balances with this post, because I do not have exact numbers from the end of August 2016.

ASSETS: $107,543

  1. Cash ($19,354)  This includes ~ 6 months of emergency funds, saved over the past two years. I have a new stable job and I am somewhat settled. I now plan on using most of my emergency funds towards paying down my student loan debt.
  1. Car ($14,688)  My 2014 Toyota Corolla now has close to 30,000 miles. The current value was obtained from Kelley Blue BookI fully paid off the auto loan on this car in April 2016.
  1. Investments ($73,502)
    • Pre-tax retirement accounts ($71,991)
      • This includes my 403B from my old job, current 403B, and a ROTH IRA, all invested in low-cost index funds.
    • Taxable accounts ($1,511)
      • While I pay off my debt, I will build my “investment muscle” by depositing monthly left over cash into my taxable brokerage account.


  1. Credit Card ($0) – For the first time in close to 10 years, my credit card balance is $0. I do use my credit card for everyday expenses/bill pay when I can, but it is fully paid off at the end of each month.
  2. Student Loans $-47,060  This is my only debt burden at this time. This always wasn’t the case and I have come a long way to this point in my life. Read my debt free journey to see how I got here. Over the past 7 years, I have only paid off ~25% of my student loan balance. Over the next 12 months, I will pay off the remaining 75% by making radical changes in how I manage my money. Most of these changes will be documented here on this blog, so please check back in for future posts!



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