Tracking my net worth is an essential piece of my Financial Independence (FI) Journey. Posting my net worth updates publicly keeps me accountable and will hopefully, inspire others on a similar journey.

I officially started tracking my net worth in September 2016. I started with a net worth of $60,483 and aiming for ≥$800,000 by March 20th 2024, when I turn 42.

Net Worth Updates (2017)

Net Worth Updates (2016)

Net Worth Goals

  • Short term (<12 months)
  • Long term (> 12 months)
    • December 2018: ≥$220,000, with 12 months emergency savings of ≥$24,000
    • December 2019: ≥$300,000
    • December 2020: ≥$380,000
    • December 2021: ≥$480,000

I plan on achieving this by following these simple difficult steps

  1. Pay off my outstanding debt and avoid future debt at ALL COSTS
  2. Spend less than I earn (target savings of 65-75% of my income)
  3. Invest the difference in low cost index funds