Minimizing my closet

Minimizing clothes is a common first step to de-cluttering, but it is often challenging to execute. I started by gathering my clothes from every corner of the house (closet, storage totes, dresser etc.) and generating a clothes pile.

After getting over my shock and repugnance at the huge pile, I proceeded to separating them into four piles.

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Discard

In case you were wondering, I did count every single piece, I owned a GRAND total of 461 items! This does not include accessories and underwear. I’ll like to add that I probably wear about 20% of  my clothes at every given point.

The sell pile: This was also easy because I had a number of items that were in good condition. If the item still had a tag on, it automatically went into the sell bin. I also decided to sell other items that I felt were barely worn and in excellent condition. Check out the sites/apps below for selling used clothes.

The donate and discard pile: This pile was a little tricky because it wasn’t always easy to discriminate between the clothes that could be of value to another person vs. clothes that just had to go. I ended up with a 3 to 1 donate to discard ratio.

The keep pile: This was not difficult because for weeks leading to that moment, I had identified clothes that I loved and I wanted to keep. These items also had to fit right and complement each other. I had researched the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe so I had an idea of what I wanted mine to look like.


I am happy with my keep pile; it consists of 75 clothing items. This may seem like a lot to some minimalists but considering that this is ~ 16% of where I started, I am very satisfied for now.

Minimizing clothes is a journey and not a destination or a competition and I plan on taking it one day at a time.

Another look at the before and after!

After extreme decluttering I finally got around to donating my unused clothes to goodwill and it felt great to finally let go of all those clothes! I didn’t count how many pieces I donated but it was a lot and at least 50%  of my clothing. I also sold/donated the rest of them using thredUP which is a very convenient way to sell and or donate gently used clothing items.

I hope this inspires someone, till next time!

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