Budget Update: Sept 2016

This is the first budget update of my blog! I recently wrote a post about my debt freedom journey and my net worth update. Please read those posts to help you understand my entire story.

My monthly budget for my living expenses for a household size of one is $1,600. If you think this is a lot for one person, please note that between late 2011 to mid 2016, my monthly living expenses were approximately $3200, that’s a decrease by a whopping 50%!

Not included in this $1,600 budget are my savings and debt repayment funds. You can find that information tracked within my net worth updates.

Now, here is the breakdown for the month of September 2016!

Under budget categories

  • Bills and utilities
  • Personal care

On budget categories

  • None

Over budget categories

  • Food and dining
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Overall Budget: Total Expenses: $1,694 (+$94 over budget)

Budget Update: Sept 2016 www.dartheexplorer.com

This is the first month I am exploring this new tighter budget allocation and overall, even though I went over budget by $94 (~6%) I still think it went relatively well.

I am currently working on some lifestyle changes for the month of October, that would put me back on track so stay tuned for that update!

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