My name is Daruganda

In 2016, I discovered minimalism and the financial independence community and it completely changed my life.

I sold 80% of my belongings, moved across the country, and started afresh.

This blog is my avenue to document and share my explorations in real-time as I uncover them.

My current explorations include;

  • Minimalism Living a more meaningful life with less stuff and distractions. What I get in return is more time with things and experiences that bring joy and value to my life. Aside from living a more meaningful life, minimalism will allow me to live more sustainably and augment my pursuit of financial independence.
  • Financial Independence: I stumbled into the Financial Independence (FI) or Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE) community while exploring minimalism. FI will give me the freedom to cultivate my passions. My current passions include: slow traveling abroad, learning new languages, culture, and working for a non-profit organization home or overseas.
  • TravelingI plan on traveling to as many cities and countries as possible. So far I have only visited a couple of countries, but the list is growing. My goal is to continue to travel when I can and eventually embark on full-time slow travel when I attain FI.

I hope that you find some of it useful to improving your lifestyle.