The Three D’s to Decluttering

Minimalism means different things to different people. For me, here is how it all began.

I moved from my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1800 sq. ft. home not including basement and artic storage into a 2000 sq. ft. apartment. The packing process exposed how much duplicates of items that I owned. I remember feeling weighed down with the move and even more overwhelmed with the unpacking process. Months passed and I still had several unopened boxes that I wanted to unpack but I felt helpless.

The problem

I owned too much, I was disorganized and could never find anything when I needed it. The solution was not another magical organization method. It was time for some major downsizing.

The solution

My solution is not in any way an original idea. It’s simple and it works for me because it takes away the stress of doing it all at once. What it entails is making three boxes labeled “Donate” “Dollars” and “Discard,” The three D’s to Decluttering”


  1. The donate box will contain items of no value to me at this time but can be of value to someone else. These items are in good condition but not in any form for resale. Things like clothes and shoes would most likely end up in this box.
  2. The dollars box will contain items that can easily be resold or clothes with tags and yes I do have a pile of unworn clothing items with their tags still intact. I plan to use phone apps like 5miles and offerup for sales as well as ebay.
  3. Finally, the discard box should be the easiest to fill. Stuff that is of no value to me or anyone.


I will place items in this box as I stumble upon them and empty them every 1-2 weeks.

My fear is that I will accumulate stuff as I declutter but I really hope not. I continue to educate myself more about minimalism to keep me going. It’s a journey, not a destination and I know it will require constant reevaluation of things that bring value to my life. Join me if you want to or just sit back and be entertained!

Useful Resources

Website: The Minimalist, Light by Coco

3 thoughts on “The Three D’s to Decluttering

  1. Fantastic! You will never go back! Isn’t it amazing? It took me at least three times to get down to my most efficient wardrobe. Looks like you handled it like a boss the first time. I haven’t bought a stitch of clothing in a year.

  2. Yes, now that I finally realize I just don’t need much more than my favorites I have zero need to shop for more. So much excess really wore me out. I still have other shopping vices that I have to fend off regularly like too much groceries and toys for my daughter.

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